Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The First Big Snow

The first big snow is so much fun!  Fiona and Moriah spent as much of the day in the snow as they could.  The snow gear sure makes a mess in the house.  The furnace light went out of course on this day of lots of traffic to the outside.  I thought Evan was not reachable so we made due with our little electric heater and fire place downstairs.  In the evening, Evan made me learn how to light the furnace even when I thought it was getting too complicated so I am now more knowledgeable today. 

Kira also turned on the jets while she was in our bathtub, but the water was too low so the water sprayed all over the bathroom.  We had quite the puddle to clean up.  Another lesson learned, do not put Kira in my bathtub.

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Phyllis said...

That looks like a lot of snow, and the girls seem to be having a great time in it.
Bad time to not have the heat working well.