Thursday, November 7, 2013


 Evan, Kira, and I got to see Fiona and Moriah in a costume parade at school.  Then Kira the butterfly, Amanda (my best friend), and I hosted Bingo for Moriah's class.  I was impressed at how well they were able to find words like ghoul and vampire.  I can see why Amanda teaches.  She was amazing with the kids.  I love spending time with Amanda!

Two butterflies and a good witch

I was so tired at this point.  I almost stayed home.

We had to trick-or-treat at GG's house.

The Loot!  I had to teach them about organizing their candy:-)

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Melinda said...

Sooo cute!! Very excited for you to have another cutie, your family of girls are so pretty and you look great Driel. I haven't gotten to check in for a while and it is so nice to see how well you are doing.