Sunday, July 20, 2014

Bridget's Dance Recital

Evan had to work late so the girls and I headed to Bridget's dance recital.  Fiona has been recreating some of the break dancing moves she saw at the performance.  We love Bridget!

Bridget's adoring fans

Ammon, Kimball, and Calvin left near the end to get to mutual.

Dancing is so exhausting

We needed more water!

I was there!
We went to Bridget's house after the show for popsicles and swinging and sandboxing.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

On Fourth of July week . . .

We went to the hot air balloons with Kathy and kids.

We joined Kristi and her family for the parade.  It was really hot!

Evan enjoying the parade from the shade in the back.  I convinced Fiona to change her long sleeve shirt and take off her pants.
After recovering from the heat, we joined Kristi's family for bubbles, a barbeque, glow sticks, singing, and a beautiful view of the valley.

The stadium.  We left before all the really cool fire works from the stadium.  We figured we better get our kids home before we had some huge melt downs.

Look at all those kids!

Brave Fiona.  She surprises me sometimes.  She worries about all the things that might kill her like spiders, but then she goes out on a half-done deck.

Our kids were in heaven with all the glow sticks.

The next evening we joined Ammon and Kathy and family and Justin and Chandler for a boating trip.  I love boating with Ammon.  It reminds me of happy times (and whiny times) with Cleve.

The cool O ring

Eigen and Kira holding on for dear life.  Kira had to be held the whole time even when the boat was anchored.  Kira has told me since that she will not be riding on a boat again.

Audrey really enjoyed the boat.  It lulled her right to sleep.

Fiona actually got into the water.  She had to have all her floaties though.


The girls wore their blue dresses on Sunday, but Kira really got her fourth of July on.  I was sad I did not get a picture of all of them.

Ice cream at Kathy's house on Sunday with dancing and fireworks!

Adelaide telling her mom that she needed to be held.

Adelaide claiming her dad.

Logan and Evan loving fire.