Monday, July 28, 2014

Sunday Pink Dresses

Real life. Can you see the sister angst?  Kira used to be Moriah's little buddy.  Now she is the annoying little sister (sigh).

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Lunch with Evan

Evan has been working at least 12 hour days so to see him we had a picnic lunch.

Kira had to be on the grass and attracted her sisters to her cool spot.  Evan and I had to eat alone.

Kira Loves Clothes

Evan and I were talking about how amazing Kira is at putting on her own clothes and shoes.  She cares about clothes and shoes and how she looks!  She does not put on shirts backwards unless she decides that is how she wants it. She changes her outfits a lot and has done this for a while now much to the washing machine's dismay:-) Okay, it's more of my dismay.   She loves her swimsuits.  She also loves to pack bags of clothes when we are going anywhere and tell me, "It's in case I pee." I have had to restrict her packing clothes to one outfit.  She loves to pack stuff for her sisters especially for after we swim.  She likes to bring two to three swimsuits to the swimming pool so she can change after she gets wet.  After swim lessons, she hops in the car and changes into a dry swimsuit.  She definitely has a lot of personality and has a thing for clothes.

The witch costume our neighbor gave to us.  I do not know where she learned the peace sign.

In May, Kira wore a snow suit to take Evan his lunch and this fabulous outfit on our walk to pick up Moriah.

She had shorts and a shirt on, but decide it was too hot.

Kira's outfit of the hour on a day in May.  It was cold out.

I had to put her in a towel to go pick up Moriah one time.  I think she was taking a bath after an accident.

This was right when we needed to pick up Moriah from school.

Fiona and the Dentist

Fiona worries about a lot of things.  She had cavities so we decided to do the partial anesthetic option.  She drank some stuff at the dentist office an hour before her appointment that made her very sleepy.  She started falling asleep while watching the Lego movie.  She did great and slept through getting the fillings.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Pinata and Rain

We had dinner with Evan's siblings and spouses.  Aubrey and Ari brought a pinata for dessert.  The girls love it! Fiona's been working on her own pinata out of a box. I told her I was not going to buy candy for it so then she was not as excited about it.  We also played jump rope with Ari's rope, which was a lot of fun.

Fiona's break-dancing moves.

It was a cooler evening with a little bit of rain and sun.

Sunday after church

Moriah took these pictures of  me (Evan got called as ward clerk so he was at a meeting). Audrey likes her finger.